Review Paper on Hans Rosling Presentation 2006

Topics: Life expectancy, Mortality rate, Child mortality Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: April 25, 2013

Hans Rosling is a professor and doctor of International Health in Karolinska Institute from Sweden. Dr. Rosling had his first presentation in 2006 at TED conference, where it brought him to the international attention. He had presented the data and statistics in tremendous ways, where he uses attractive yet interesting graphic to make his audience understand the sophisticated statistics and data.

Basically, based in his presentation Dr. Rosling had highlighted several issues of child mortality rate, income, poverty, GDP, child survival, income distribution and internet users that shows comparison from one country to another in the world using the available data from United Nation. By using those exciting graphics, he explained step by step starting from the axes, justify the quantities of the axes and identify why he chooses the axes in sort of background story of the chosen axes.

For example, earlier in his presentation, he had showed the changes of normal family size and life expectancies in those countries all over the world. Where at the beginning, we can see that Western countries had a small number of family members perhaps lived long lives as to compare to the rest of the world that had a shorter life but had a large number of family members. He presented it very well by using colourful bubbles that represent different countries in the world, whereby the bubbles keep on moving year by year in new spot according to different family size and life expectancy. By doing those, he absolutely catches the attention of his audiences by presenting good visualization aids and he also added some jokes; humour to his speech for audiences understanding.

However, from my opinion Dr. Rosling had just presented the statistics in the best way ever, but he do not emphasized on the statistics itself where it is important to the economist and...
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