Statistics Should Be Interpreted with Caution as They Can Be Misleading; They Can Both Lie and Tell the Truth.

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  • Published : November 25, 2008
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I would like to talk about statistics. The word “statistics” is using in at least four different sense. First of all, it can indicate a whole subject or discipline. Secondly , the term may use the methods to collect quantitative data. Thirdly , the collection of data, gathered by those methods, can apply the term. And the last one , it is an average. Statistics is when we observe people, things and events in the world around us. We notice their similarities and differences , their pluses and minuses, their patterns and regularities. When we count them we have statistics. Usually our observations concern a single things, person or events. For example, we can notice the number of sold coca-cola in a particular country this year. We can make the observations not just about the number of sold coca-cola in this country this year but also how much money was spent, the number of employees, how much water and sugar it had and so on. Sometimes our observation concern several similar but different things. For example, we can observe the number of sold coca-cola in several different countries this year, or in the same country over a succession of years. In this ways we may make one and more observations on the individual, or we can also do it for several individuals. Coming from it we have a collection of observations, it calls. “DATA”. We can use statistics to make our actions more efficient, because we can generalize from them. The essential part of our everyday thinking is a generalization. For example, because this particular factory of coca-cola sold their production with a greater advertisement and gave a bigger number of sold than usual factory of coca-cola in the others countries. We can also make a sense of collection of observations, it helps us to gain greater over environment we live in. However, statistics can be misleading if they are wrongly interpreted by the researcher or not treated with caution by the reader. Statistics give us many beneficial...
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