Community Project Management - Neighbourhood Statistics

Topics: Higher education, Education, Demography Pages: 10 (3309 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Page 2 – Summary, Introduction and Methodology
Page 3 – Demographic profile: Page 3- People and health based statistics Page 6 – Employment statistics
Page 7 – Education statistics
Page 8 – Findings and discussions
Page 9 – Recommendations and conclusion
Page 10 – References
Page 11 - Appendices

A Demographic profile (refer to appendices) of the Newcastle under Lyme 006E neighbourhood (refer to appendices for definition) has been done and from this a social need (appendices) in the Newcastle under Lyme 006E neighbourhood has been highlighted, and an appropriate community project has been implemented to meet the demands of the neighbourhoods social need. Introduction

As a community development consultant, I have been commissioned on behalf of a coalition of community groups, to highlight a social need in the Newcastle under Lyme 006E neighbourhood by building a demographical profile from using reliable statistical evidence which gives this information. From the demographical profile the characteristics of the neighbourhood can be indicated and a proposed community project will be put into place to tackle the social need of the neighbourhood. People, health, education and employment statistics have been researched and implemented into the report to build a profile of the problems within the neighbourhood Methodology

To find the appropriate statistics and information, in depth research has be done on the neighbourhood statistics website at, from this website statistics on health, education and people can be analysed to give information needed. People based statistics are important to give an indication of the size and population of the neighbourhood; health based statistics indicate the health of the neighbourhood; work statistics indicates the employment in the area and education statistics gives an indication of the educational achievement in the neighbourhood.

Demographical profile
This demographic profile covers statistics on the Newcastle under Lyme 006E ST57PE neighborhood. People based statistics
Mid-2010 population estimates
Variable| Measure| Your neighbourhood | Your area |
All People | Count| 1,628| 8,026|
Males | Count| 815| 3,980|
Females | Count| 813| 4,046|
In total there are 1628 people in the Newcastle under Lyme 006E neighborhood. 815 of these people are males and 813 of these people are females. Percentage of people in each age band in your neighbourhood, mid-2010 The largest age band is age 25 – 49 followed by 0 – 15 with 16 – 24 and 50 – 64 being the smallest age band. Health based statistics

Life expectancy at birth, 2007 – 2009
Males of the neighborhood are expected to live until the age of 75 and females are expected to live until the age of 83. Both males and females life expectancy is lower than the national life expectancy. The national life expectancy for males is 78 and females are expected to live until the age of 82. Both males and females of the neighborhood are not expected to live as long as the national percentage. Infant Mortality, 2008 - 2010

Variable| Measure| Your neighbourhood | Newcastle-under-Lyme | England | Deaths at age under 1 year, per 1000 live births | Rate| n/a| 8.7| 4.4|
There isn’t a measure for infant mortality in my neighborhood however for my area infant mortality is nearly double the rate of the national infant mortality rate. This is a terrible statistic and an indication of bad health in the Newcastle under Lyme area. Children's health

In 2007 9.0% of newborn babies in Newcastle-under-Lyme local authority weighed below 2500 grams, and were classified as low birth weight. The average for England was 7.2%. this is an indicator of bad health in the Newcastle under Lyme 006E nieghbourhood.

Children's weight, 2010 - 2011
Variable| Measure| Your neighbourhood | Newcastle-under-Lyme...
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