Review of Recent Indian Advertisements

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  • Published: February 14, 2011
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Advertising & Sales Promotion

Name: Dipankar Chakraborty Roll: 12 MBA IB 2008 -11

1. CATEGORY: MOBILE PHONES BRAND: LAVA A10 Brief Description of the Commercial: The advertisement shows a cashier (an attractive lady), in a retail mall, meeting two shoppers at the payment counter. The first man carries an ordinary phone (though it subtly looks like Samsung Corby because of the yellow back cover) and the cashier hands him a few candies in lieu of change. The second man carries the Lava A10 phone and on seeing the phone, the cashier hands him a few condoms in lieu of change, with the catch line in the background stating “Separates the men from the boys”… Target Audience: The target audience, as inferred from the commercial, is urban male youth who wants to be perceived as macho and grown up. The commercial also highlights that it is not only looks but also the accessories one carry that helps one to project a macho image. Since the setting is in a shopping mall, the target audience is perceived to be urban. Product Proposition: The product is mobile phone. The commercial does not highlight any features of the phone like camera, blue-tooth, memory, music, etc. It shows the phone at the end and that too for a very small duration. It only stresses on the style and design and its reaction/impact on others. It plays on the insight that men wants to be perceived as macho and masculine and the phone helps them create that impression. Alternate approach: The commercial hits indirectly at its competitor (Samsung Corby), when the cashier hands out candies in lieu of change to the person carrying the phone with similar looks of Corby. As a result the viewers are reminded of Samsung upon seeing the advertisement paid by Lava. The main objective of this communication is to highlight the sleek style and design of the phone and not to fight head on with its competitor. This indirect reference is thus unwanted and I propose to show an ordinary phone,...
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