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Topics: Periodic table, Electron configuration, Atom Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Chapter 10 - Cumulative Review
(94)Identify at least one chemical change and two physical changes that are occurring in the photo. (Chapter 2)
(95)Classify each of the following as a physical change or a chemical change. (Chapter 2) aspirin tablet is crushed to a powder
b.a red rose turns brown
c.grape juice turns to wine
d.fingernail polish remover evaporates
e.a bean seed sprouts
f.a piece of copper is beaten into a thin sheet
(96)Which of these statements are true about every solution? (Chapter 2) a.Solutions are in the liquid state.
b.Solutions are homogeneous.
c.Solutions are mixtures.
d.Solutions are composed of at least two compounds.
(97)How does a molecule differ from an atom? (Chapter 2)
(98)A student writes down the density of table sugar as 1.59 and the density of carbon dioxide as 1.83. Can these values be correct? Explain. (Chapter 3) (99)A block of wood measuring 2.75 cm × 4.80 cm × 7.50 cm has a mass of 84.0 g. Will the block of wood sink or float in water? (Chapter 3) (100) Convert each of the following. (Chapter 3)

a.4.72 g to mgHint
b.2.7 × 103 cm/s to km/hHint
c.4.4 mm to dmHint
(101) How many protons, electrons, and neutrons are in each isotope? (Chapter 4) a.zirconium-90
(102) Write the complete electron configuration for each atom. (Chapter 5) a.fluorine
(103) Why do the elements magnesium and barium have similar chemical and physical properties? (Chapter 6) (104) Which of the following are transition metals: Cr, Cd, Ca, Cu, Co, Cs, Ce? (Chapter 6) (105) How can the periodic table be used to infer the number of valence electrons in an atom? (Chapter 7 ) (106) Draw electron dot structures and predict the shapes of the following molecules. (Chapter 8) a.PH3

(107) How are single, double, and triple bonds indicated in electron dot structures? (Chapter 8) (108) Give an example of each of...
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