Practice Exam 3

Topics: Atom, Electron, Ion Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: April 21, 2013
CHEM110 SI Practice Exam 3 04/14/2013
1. Calculate the frequency and wavelength of the spectral line of hydrogen corresponding to a transition of an electron from n=6 to n=3.

2. Calculate the mass of the particle which has a velocity that is 90.% of the speed of light with the wavelength of 1.5 * 10^-15 m.

3. Calculate the uncertainty of position of a baseball (mass=145g) with change in velocity of 0.11 m/s.

4. Fill in the following.
| Number of orbitals| Number of electrons that can be held| n=3| | |
4p subshell| | |
3px| | |
2f subshell| | |

5. Give the full electron configuration of the followings. For (a), indicate the inner and valence electrons. (a) 14Si

(b) 25Mn3+

6. Give the condensed electron configuration and orbital diagram for 22Ti. Then determine whether the atom is paramagnetic or diamagnetic.

7. Determine which of the species shown below are isoelectronic with neon, then decide which one of those would have the smallest radius. Oxide ioinArgon Magnesium ionChloride ionBeryllium ion

8. Give the formal charge for each of the noted atoms in the following Lewis structure.

9. Consider the compounds HBr, H2, and KBr. List the type of bonding of each. Show your calculation.

10. Draw the Lewis structure for the following.
(a) NO+

(b) HIO3

11. Below are two Lewis structures for BeCl2. Which one is better and why?

12. Calculate the enthalpy of the reaction N2(g) + 3F2(g) -> 2 NF3(g) where bond energies are given as:

13. Use the following to calculate the ΔH olattice of MgF2 and draw the Born Haber Cycle.
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