Reverend Al Sharpton: Pastor, Civil Right Activist, and Political Leader

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Reverend Al Sharpton
Hello, in this essay I,will be talking about Reverend Al Sharpton, his life story and what he does. I hope you will learn from this passage. Enjoy!! Al Sharpton is mostly known as a pastor, civil right activist and a political leader. Al Sharpton was born on October 3, 1954, raised in Brooklyn, NY and went to Brooklyn College. Al Sharpton is an outspoken and sometimes controversial political activist in the fight against racial prejudice and injustice. Al Sharpton’s real name is “Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr.” Al Sharpton first started his career as a pastor at Washington Temple and he also was an assistant pastor at the Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn were my grandfather sings. In 1958, Al Sharpton preached his first sermon at age four on John 1, "Let not your heart be troubled. Ye who believe in God also believe in me." Young Sharpton preached this scripture at a local Pentecostal congregation. After, he quickly became a celebrity in Brooklyn's black Pentecostal community. Rev. Al Sharpton also went to high school with my grandma at “Samuel J Tilden.” Al Sharpton was involved with a lot of cases where people needed his help. There was the Tawana Brawley case, Trayvon Martin case, Amadou Diallo case, Jena Six cases and more. The Amadou Diallo case was because of racism. The man was innocent but once it comes to racism they don’t care, but Rev. Al Sharpton does. Sharpton tried everything for this case, Sharpton thought that it’s not right for a racist police officer can shoot someone cause there black. Once the case was over and won by Al Sharpton, the family was sad but felt safer.

To me Reverend Al Sharpton is very caring and understands the way life goes. This essay to me gets a 9.0 because this passage tells you what he has done, what he loved to do and most of the cases he had to do to protect people through all complexions.
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