Revelations-Alvin Ailey

Topics: Dance, Light, Color Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Lighting – in ‘I been buked’ the stage is dark and there is only a yellow spot light on all the dancers who are in centre stage. This Symbolises the pain and the mood of the dancers. The lighting in Pilgrim Of Sorrow is much darker than In Move, Members, Move. This could be because there is a lot more hope in the third section. At the beginning of the dance there is little hope and pain is shown. In the second section the lighting is a blue wash across the stage and it is brighter than before. This section is representing a baptism and the blue could represent water. A yellow spot light appears on the dancers when the dancers are looking up to the sky. May be hope from a God. The third section is much lighter with brighter colours and an orange light on the backdrop maybe signifying the sun. The quality of life seems much better here and there is more hope and trust between dancers. There is a strong theme of religion and faith throughout and the lighting from above may represent a God or Jesus. Spatial pattern-

At the start there is a tight triangle shape of the 9 dancers. The 3 males are at the back- the smallest are at the front. The dancers spread out but return to the centre in this section- showing the community and also how they are looking to God. The centre is also a spotlight. In ‘Fix me Jesus’ there is a duet between a man and a woman. There is a sense of trust between the two dancers who remain together throughout the section. There are moments when they are apart but they return to the centre. The end position is a the man lifting the woman upwards. Symbolise God? In ‘Take me to the water’ – ‘Processional’ there is a sense of church community between the 5 dancers, through a baptism. In ‘wade in the water’ the dancers are placed between blue material sheets which are like a river. The music also talks about the river. In ‘I wanna be ready’ a solo male is dancing in a spot of white light. Aural Setting- Gospel music including...
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