Peak by Roland Smith

Topics: Everest Base Camp, Lhotse, Mountain Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Kaitlyn Neal
Period 7
November 3, 2012
Peak: Roland Smith
A= Adventure; A boy named Peak gets in trouble for scaling the side of a skyscraper in NYC B= Believing; he can reach the mountain before his birthday C= Chance; his dad sees the chance for his son to be the youngest and first to climb Mount. Everest D= Dangerous; climbing

E= Embarking; the journey begins
F= Falling; Peak wishes he doesn’t fall off the mountain
G= Gut-wrenching; it’s the climb that changed everything H= Happy; he wants to do it to make his father happy
I= Inherited; he loves to climb because his dad is a professional mountain climber J= June/Journey; they had to go in March, why? Because everything was ready and he had a problem with waiting K= Krampons; saves your life if you fall or an axe to hit the floor to keep you wedged where the axe hits L= Love; he dearly loves his twin half-sisters but he has a “hole” in his heart M= Mount Everest; the mountain Peak and his father climb (setting) N= New York City; he was stuck in NYC with just skyscrapers O= Opportunities; climb Mount. Everest with his father

P= Punishment/Peak; He gets to live with his dad/Peak is the sons name (Character) Q= Quickly; He hugged the terracotta so he would not fall to his death R= Running; his nose was running and his hands were too numb to wipe his nose S= Survival; he has to be cautious on the mountain or he might get hurt T= Tent; they used tents to sleep on the Mountain

U=Uh Oh; a gust of wind tried to take him off the wall (conflict) V= Avoid the Void; if you want to live stay away from trees, solid walls, or deep holes W= Weather; the weather was horrible
Y= Yards; a guy from the south side died while stepping out of his tent in the middle of the night to pee wearing only slippers. He slips 200 yards down the slope preface so deep, the Sherpa’s say he’s probably still falling Z= Zopa; former head Sherpa not a Buddhist monk would get him there to the base camp in a...
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