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Topics: Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer, Mount Everest Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Many people dream of climbing the famous mountains located in many countries around the world. Writer Jon Krakauer has been dreaming of climbing Mount Everest. Although climbing mountains may seem fun, Jon Krakauer explains his tragic story on Mount Everest in his book, Into Thin Air. Throughout his journey up the mountain, he experienced danger, trust, loyalty, and respect. Krakauer had to learn to trust others because he could die if something wrong happened during the climb. Trust and respect are the most important themes in this dangerous trip because both are essential to survive. Trusting others is a very difficult thing to do. It is important to trust others because humans cannot do everything by themselves. For example, Krakauer's group had to rely on each other, so if one member is in trouble, another person had to help as soon as they could. If they do not trust each other, everyone would not make it up to the top of the mountain alive. Krakauer was afraid to be able to trust others because he felt very uncomfortable relying on inexperienced climbers, but he had to learn to trust them because he needs to survive the climb up the mountain. To climb a mountain, all climbers must have a group and a guide. Loyalty/respect of others on the mountain is essential because one can help another survive the journey. One must be willing to risk their own life and save another. The climbers' lives are in the guide's hands. Loyalty/respect is required for the guide because they give important information on how to climb properly and how to survive. An example from the book is how the guide, Rob Hall, helped an injured climber get down safely. At this point, it does not matter whom acts like what because the most important thing is for the people to survive the climb on Mount Everest. Climbing a mountain involves hard work, trust, and loyalty/trust. If one was not working hard or listening to the guide, his or her life is in danger. For example, one...
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