Into Thin Air Essay

Topics: Into Thin Air, Anatoli Boukreev, 1996 Everest disaster Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: November 12, 2012
The Tragedy On Everest
The preventable mistakes caused by several guides caused several climbers to perish. As a group of climbers get closer and closer to the top of the world, a freak storm arrives and mistakes are made, transforming what should have been the greatest days of the climbers’ lives into a battle for survival and for some, their last moments on Earth. The guides on Mount Everest made several mistakes. There were multiple teams which tried to summit on one day, not taking into consideration the possibly fatal results of the bottleneck effect on the climb. On the summit climb, a number of different mishaps confronted them causing the climbers to fall behind schedule. This caused most of the climbers and guides to be in a poor position on the mountain when the storm arrived (Krakauer 11). This storm trapped and killed several guides and climbers. Time delays were a huge contributing cause of this tragedy and the majority of time issues were caused by the guides. Before they summited, they had a set schedule which would allow the climbers to return to base camp safely in a reasonable time (Krakauer 7). Bottlenecks caused a significant delay in ascent (Storm Over Everest). Too much time reaching and celebrating on the summit caused delays. Rob Hall ( guide) did not abide by the rules of the turn-around time (Krakauer 11). This was a vital element in the outcome of whether he and his clients would live or die.

Hubris was a major problem for the guides that led to the demise of many climbers. In this case, some guides did not use oxygen masks (Storm Over Everest). This increased the risk of the climb and made it more likely that they could be incapacitated and unable to perform the duties of a guide as necessary and endangering the customers (Krakauer 9). Regardless of their climbing experience, the safety of the customer should have been put first. Hubris was also relevant when the guides got behind schedule and thought...
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