Reusable Water Bottles

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Outline: Reusable Water Bottles

I. Introduction
A. 50 billion plastic water bottles end up in the U.S. landfills each year. That’s 140 million every day! That is enough, laid end to end, to reach China and back each day. (“Tap water vs bottled water..”) B. According to our class survey, more than half of the class buys water bottles more frequently than others. C. I, myself, use to buy bottled water almost everyday, at school, work and the gym.

II. Thematic Statement
A. Reusable water bottles are good for our environment, our wallets and our health. B. Pre Summary
1. Plastic water bottles are one of the hardest waste to break down. 2. People are unaware of the damage it can bring to our environment and our health 3. We can help to reduce our carbon foot print when we invest in reusable water bottles.

TR First lets take a look at the problem

III. Problem
A. Plastic pollution is a world wide problem.
1. There is a “growing patch” of plastic estimated to be more than twice the size of Texas floating in the North Pacific Ocean. a. In 2008, Americans drank an average 215 bottles of water each year, for a total of 66 billion bottles. Of that total, only 22% was recycled. (“Resources..”) b. So imagine, every six water bottles we use, only one of them makes it to the recycling bin while the others end up in landfills, or even worse, lakes, rivers and oceans. c. We are shipping 1 billion water bottles a week around the U.S. in ships, trains, and trucks. (“Resources..”) 2. Disposable plastic water bottles are made out of oil, which is a limited natural resource. a. Currently, the amount of oil we use to produce water bottles each year (17 million barrels) could fuel over 1,000,000 cars for an entire year. (“Resources..”) b. We are paying 2 to 4 times the cost of gasoline for a product that is virtually free, but in reality c. We are paying more to make water bottles than to put gas in our car. B. The reasons people buy bottled water have a lot to do with the manufacturers (Tap water vs bottled water). 1. The company that sells bottled waters such as Fiji, Dasani, Crystal Geiser, and Kirkland, want you to think their water is the purest and cleanest. a. stated that “Americans spend approximately $100 billion a year on bottled water and about 40% of one bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap water alone.” (Hugh, Alans. “Reusable waters..) b. There isn’t a lot of difference other than price and decorations. (Hughs,Alan. “Reusable waters..) 2. According to Water Benefits, in their article “Tap water vs. Bottled water: Which is Healthier?”.. they state “Over the past few decades, savvy bottled water companies have spent mega advertising bucks to persistently program us into believing that the water they bottle is safer and healthier than our tap water.” a. companies want us to believe their water is the best.

b. Although the plastic bottle that is used to contain the water you drink may not be the healthiest. c. The data collected from the class survey indicates majority of the class chooses “Costco Kirkland” brand or whatever is cheapest. However, brands that don’t cost much to buy, don’t cost much to make. 1. From the 1 billion water bottles being transported a day, some are made from countries like China that may contain BPA- Bisphenol A. (Hugh, Alans. “Reusable waters..) 2. From the Public Health Focus, BPA is an industrial chemical that has been present in many plastic bottles since the 1960’s. ( When and if you do decide to still purchase water bottles be sure it is labeled, “BPA free”.

TR Now that we’ve seen the extent of the problem, we can explore it’s causes.

IV. Causes
A. Plastic bottles end up in landfills and oceans because people aren’t knowledgeable or simply do not care.
1. People think recycling is inconvenient, that it doesn’t matter...
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