Retorhical Argument

Topics: Grammatical person, Man, Female Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Zoe Mojica
Ryan Grandik
English Comp. II
February 27, 2013

Rhetorical Analysis (why violent video games are good for girls)

Student Carmen Tieu, in her opinionated article, “Why Violent Video Games are good for Girls” expounds upon the idea that violent video games are good for girls. Tieu explains that violent video games boost confidence in women. She goes further on to say that it makes aware of the different socialization processes of men and women. Tieu begins by telling a short story about her gaming life. She is attempting to give you a peek into her mind about being a girl playing first person shooting games. She begins to reveal that men and women are socialized differently by using the aggressive chatting being done before the game begins. Tieu speaks to us in this manner to help us experience what it is like to be a girl and to be playing the violent first person shooting games. The way she is saying this makes it seem as though all males playing these games all act in such ways. The way that Tieu tells her story in the first paragraph gives us a more biased or more sympathetic affect to her cause. After Tieu finishes her first person perspective of the shooting games, she begins to say that girls are socialized into more docile activities. The language of the text that the writer is using is trying to make you more sympathetic towards her goal of this paper. Her word choice is meant not only for you to be sympathetic but to cause vexation. Tieu illustrates how society thinks that women shouldn’t and can’t play video games by saying they “objectify women” and the “violent” nature “repulses” girls. Tieu creates this tone by saying “Girls are socialized into activities that promote togetherness and talk, not high intensity competition involving fantasized shooting and killing.” Tieu continues to explain that women can play, and be just as good as men in violent video games. Carmen Tieu says that playing first person shooting games are...
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