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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Due date: 8thhMay 2013
Report Length: 2000 words
Total Weight: 40%
Students need to be uploaded on BB (which uses turn-it in to check on your work) by 11:59pm. Please submit hard copies to your tutors during the following seminar. (Students may be asked to perform a viva if required by the tutor to verify their understanding of the subject matter - date and time to be advised by the tutor).

Students are to select a new product launch campaign for given brand from a market of their choice and analyse, evaluate and assess the Media tools. Outline

* Brief Background on the market and competition
* Identify communication objectives
* Target group
* Brand Positioning
* What are the media vehicles used?
Describe Campaign
* Are they integrated?
Criteria: All elements of the marketing mix are coordinated. Focusing on a single message so as to develop stronger relationships with the customers. Messages are focused and single-minded messages as these are processed more effectively by consumers (can use SIMPLE criteria) * Explain why the choice of media tools is or isn’t appropriate to the situation and why. Criteria:

Qualitative media characteristics,
Efficiency criteria: cost per thousand according to the target group

* Based on the literature review you conducted in Assignment 1, what are your recommendations?

For the report, you are required to structure your document as follows: * Cover page
* Abstract (a short paragraph on what the paper is about) * Page content
* The report body
* Conclusion
* References
* Appendix (if any)


Student name:
Seminar group time:
Over All Mark:
General Comments:


Criteria/ mark| Comments |
Analysis of the campaign media tools (45%) * What are the media vehicles used? * Are they integrated? * Explain why the choice of media...
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