Body Shop Retail Management

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Channel distribution
* Direct channel-specialty stores
The Body Shop in Macau doesn’t set any retailers. It has three specialty stores. The distribution channel of specialty stores help The Body Shop gain advantages when enhances its brand equity. The three specialty stores of The Body Shop are all locates at downtown district of Macau. The big green eye-catching logo of The Body Shop will attach many passably and build very strong brand awareness to customer. And at the same time, the professional facade of the shop makes the brand image more powerful. The brand which set counters in the shopping mall like New Yaohan in Macau has limited shelf space and salespersons. It cannot displace all of the product of its brand.So it narrow the choices of customer ,cannot provide an overall services to customer which will decrease its sales to a certain extent.However, the specialty stores have enough shelf spaces to display its products and the products can be set in a convenient way which customer prefer. The products of The Body Shop are displayed by different product lines which is easy for customer to choose. And since there are more salespersons in the specialty stores than in the counters, customers can get better and more comfortable services than in counters of the shopping center. Another advantage of the distribution channel of specialty stores is that much more distribution cost will be saved. The brand which set counters in the shopping mall or have some retailers will always share the revenues with the shopping mall or pay for the retail cost to retailers. Sometimes the payment can be more than 20% of the sales. So by setting specialty stores, the company will save a lot on this kind of cost. * Product assortment

The Body Shop does well on the product assortment. As mentioned above, The Body Shop displays the products by different product lines in its specialty stores. The product lines are classified by functions and series. For the facial care, The Body Shop classified its products by series. Each series is suit for different people with different skin type and ages. For instance, the series of Wise Woman is suit to for the aged woman who needs anti-wrinkle products and the series of Vitamin E is always chosen by people who are dry skin. For the body parts, the products are sort by different functions. Customer can see variance kinds of body gel on one shelf and it’s really convenient for them to choose a one they like. The product assortment of The Body Shop is successful. Customer can choose the products convenient and compare them easily. This kind of efficient assortment helps the customers on making decision of which to buy. * Pricing policy

The price of The Body Shop in the Macau and Hong Kong are same and all the chain specialty stores charge the products for same price. So the customer can buy the products and not considering the price difference. For the VIP members, The Body Shop provides a special 10% off. Customer who is the member can also enjoy the special discount at any stores of The Body Shop in Macau and Hong Kong. Integrated marketing communication

* Current different Medias channels
The Body Shop is already a mature brand in the Macau market, so the spending on the marketing cost is relative small than the other spending. The Body Shop uses print advertisement, online marketing and sales promotion as its integrated marketing communication. 1. Print advertisement

The Body Shop in Macau uses the print advertisement in the magazines or newspapers to advertise its products, especially for the new series of products. In Macau, people have the habit to have a morning or afternoon tea to enjoy their easy time. When they have a tea, it’s very common for people to read some newspapers or magazines. These print advertisements on the magazines will surely make people aware the brand and can deliver the message to the customer that The Body Shop has launched new products or they are...
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