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unit 9 p3 assignment| The Role Of Avertising Agencies|

unit 9 p3 assignment| The Role Of Avertising Agencies|

Tables of contents
Full service agencies3
Specialty Agencies3
In-House Agencies3
Focus of Appeal6
Increase of sales8
Brand awareness8
Competitive position9


In this assignment I must explain the reasons behind the choice of media in a successful promotional campaign. There are a lot of choices that need to be made before setting up an promotional campaign. And if you want to make it successful, you have to make the right choices. I’m going to find out in this assignment what the choices were for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class promotional campaign, and if they were the right choices.


Full service agencies

A full-service agency offers their clients a full range of marketing, communications , promotion services including planning, creating and producing the advertising, they do the research and select the media. Full-service agencies also offer non-advertising services. For example: strategic marketing planning, production of sales promotion and sails training

Specialty Agencies

A specialty agency is one that either works with a particular industry such as medical, education, financial, insurance. They also work with a particular function like the internet, research, public relations etcetera.

In-House Agencies

Some companies have set up their own advertising agencies.
They do this to reduce costs and maintain greater control.


* Advertising agencies do all the work for you.
* They have a lot of knowledge and experience.
* The money you will invest will pay of (if the campaign is an success)


* Agencies cost a lot of money.
* If the campaign will fail, you will lose your money....
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