Resource Mobilization

Topics: Davao del Norte, Expense, Davao Region Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Chapter I


Background of the Study
Resource mobilization strategy is anchored on the premise that the financing of education is not the exclusive responsibility of the state but the burden ought to be shared among the stakeholders (parents, alumni, private sector employers, philanthropic institutions and individuals, communities and external donors). Research studies have demonstrated that the private benefits of education sector exceed the social benefits and therefore this broad burden sharing is justifiable on grounds of equity and human capital formation (, Retrieved: September 19, 2012). In global perspective, resource constraints continue to hamper progress in a large number of developing countries, which do not have the financial or technical means to extend quality basic education to every child in the country. The increasing youth population in low-income countries, the global financial crisis, the impact of climate change and commodity speculation also further exacerbate these challenges and put enormous pressure on governments to fulfill the basic needs and services to their people.( Resource Mobilization: Global partnership for education,2012 ). In the Philippines, corruption leads to poor allocation of resources. Teachers are underpaid and treated poorly. In 2005, the Philippine government spent just $138 per student, compared to $852 in Thailand, another developing country in Southeast Asia. But graft and corruption are not the only issues. Poverty is a vicious cycle that traps generations of families ( Retrieved, October12, 2012). The Philippine Constitution has mandated the government to allocate the highest proportion of its budget to education. However, the Philippines still has one of the lowest budget allocations to education among the ASEAN countries ( Retrieved, October 12,...
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