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Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: August 1, 2012
Asliah S. Sultan Batao Nov. 23, 2011

1.f education?
The film tells me that education is very important. It enlightened me that education is the key to everyone’s dream. It serves as the stepping stone to success. The film also tells me that education can uplift one’s dignity. And each of us should strive hard to educate ourselves. And most of all education is a human right.


What does the film tell you about the value o
2.What examples does the film use to communicate the message of giving importance to education and school? In my part, there are three examples that really caught my attention. First of all is the scene when Ms. Santiago gives waivers to the students’ parents regarding to the competition. And because the parents are illiterate they didn’t understand Ms. Santiago’s point in joining the competition. This means that because of lack-of-education some people misunderstood one another. Second example is when Popoy and Obet shares in same Polo (uniform) because their parents don’t have the money to buy each one of them a polo (uniform). And even though that is their situation they still go to school. And the last example is when Gelai’s mother wants her to stop schooling because she is a girl, and her mother believes that girls don’t need to go to school because at the end they will just become a housewife. And when Ms. Santiago knew it, she explained that girls also have the right to go to school and to learn something besides of house-hold-chores. Girls and Boys have the same right in terms of education.

3.What do you think could be done to minimize the problem of students not being enrolled in a formal school? I think the government should give more funds in education. They should make sure that all schools in the Philippines especially in rural areas are equipped with good facilities and learning materials like books and computers, also...
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