Attitudes Regarding Education in the Breakfast Club

Topics: The Breakfast Club, Education, American films Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Helen Ashworth
September 30, 2009
English 111 – 16PR
Essay 2


I know I don’t have much to see on this paper today, but basically in my eyes this movie was not about education so much as it was about the individual students and how their lives were from day to day. There were five different types of students, all of which were unique in their own ways.

There was the “jock”, who lived his life trying to meet up to his friends’ standards by playing pranks on people and playing football to make his dad happy. There was the “princess” who was always trying to be part of the popular crowd and did not want to be around people who were not as high up on the totem pole as her. There was the “jerk” who was always being negative and pessamistic and always causing trouble for everyone; he was also the one who was obviously familiar with the detention and how it worked because he was seemingly there every week. There was the “nerd”, who always had to be super smart, and then there was the “liar” who you could not really figure out all that well because she always lied.

This movie had a few educational points as far as that the students all disliked authority and were afraid of becoming like their parents. Also, there was the fact that they were all in detention, but it was on Saturday, which we do not in today’s society do anymore, at least around here. The principal had his mind set on what he thought of each individual student, regardless of what they really were because deep down they were all the same, but were afraid that when Monday came that they would end up going back to their same routines of hanging with their cliques, and not knowing each other, or at least acting that way.

Education today is very similar to that with the students trying too hard to be something that they are not and that is something that is not something that is easily changed. Hopefully...
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