Poverty and Conditional Cash Transfer

Topics: Poverty, Philippines, Conditional Cash Transfer Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: December 8, 2010
A Reaction Paper on the Article Written By Randy David
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While the article wished to present the acceptability of the Conditional Cash Transfers as an immediate response of the Philippine Government to the beleaguering effects of poverty, it also presented another reality that cannot be obscured away from discussing such societal problem, and that is the susceptibility of this stimulus program to be exploited as an instrument for corruption.

The widespread prevalence of poverty in the Philippines is a major crisis that has been hounding the sincerity of the government for decades. This old- age problem that is already deep-seated within the economy has quickly become an everyday reality for impoverished Filipino families; and one that deserves to have meaningful and long-term solutions from the government. However, lessons in the past reminded us that none of the administrations in the political history of the Philippines had actually delivered a sustainable solution to the problem as it is too evident in the present day situation that the same stigma has been passed on to present generations of Filipinos. Latest survey from the National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB) even reveals that poverty incidence in the country were up by 16% in 2008 (www.groundreport.com/World/NSCB-Survey-Poverty-increased).

Because this problem is so prevalent and widespread in the country, it will be very hard for the Philippine Government to immediately put an end to poverty in the next six years. But hope is still alive for this practically resource-rich nation to stand on its own feet again--a word of assurance that the Aquino Administration is currently working on with the promise of a truthful and corrupt-free government.

A BAND-AID SOLUTION. It is quite obvious that the alleviation of poverty is also at the core of the present administration’s concern. In fact, the increase in...
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