Resident's Rights

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Facilities we get while living in an apartment
• Living in an apartment allows us to remain independent as long as possible in an environment that maximizes our autonomy, dignity, privacy, and safety, as well as emphasizes family and community involvement. • We are allowed to keep small pets.

• Visitors are allowed at any time during the day, and overnight guests at the discretion of the resident. • Assistance with daily living activities (bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, etc.) • Maintenance

• Social services and religious activities
• 24-hour security
• Facility of elevators during the day and till midnight • Mosque
• 24 hour supply of electricity, gas and water.
• Parking area

Problems we face while living in an apartment.

• Water and sewerage problem.
• Heaps of garbage and flies which can cause health problems. • Sometimes the elevator stops working which creates problem for the residents. • Loud music played by the neighbours creates disturbance for old, sick and other residents of the apartment. • Some residents start spoiling the paint by spitting paan and gutkaas on the walls. They start ruining the beauty of the apartment. • People do not take care of cleanliness.

• Water leakage issues.
• Maintenance issues
• no fuel in the generator

Once, me and my brother got stuck in the elevator due to the power failure in our apartment. There was no fuel in the generator. It was really very hot and we had to stay there for sometime. While being there, we suffered from suffocation, we couldn’t breathe properly. We were scared of the darkness all around. But then after some time our neighbours helped us to get out of the elevator by opening the door.
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