Stuck in Elevator

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Stuck in the elevator

It was the day before we were heading home from Vietnam. We were staying at the Duxton hotel in Saigon. I was collecting my bags from my room with my cousin, Jenolan. My family were waiting for me in the reception hall. As Jenolan and I were heading down in the elevator to greet them, the lift decided to stop.

When the lift stopped on an angle Jenolan started to push the emergency button franticly. While she was doing that I was screaming and calling my dad. By the time I had dialed the number I remembered that he did not have a phone so I had to call mum, which would be the last thing I would do because she never answers the phone. Luckily for the first time ever she answered it. The whole family ran to the lift while I was screaming HELP!!!!

Finally after dad calmed me down he told reception that the lift was broken. Then 15 minutes later someone decided to show up, luckily I had Oreos to keep us from starving. When the power started again inside the lift the number that tells you what floor you’re on was jumping. One second we are in the basement the next we are on level 21. Then the door opened, Jenolan and I ran like mad to get out.

As we were getting out of our lift another two people ran out of their lift. Then we thought to ourselves we are NOT repeat NOT getting in another lift. After that, the guys said to us there is an emergency stairwell so we ran down those. There were about 10 flights to run down but it was worth it. As we ran through the first floor exit door it was the hotel’s kitchen so I decided to walk to see if there were rats. As we arrived the rest of the family looked like they didn’t have a care in the world because they had to drink their alcoholic drink.

What a family hey.
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