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Excellent Evaporation

Science Fair Research Paper

By: Suzie Science

Ms. Willis’ Class

December 16, 2008

Background Information

Liquids are all around us. Every day we drink and eat items that contain liquids, we use liquids to clean ourselves and our belongings and liquids can even be found in the places that we would not expect, like televisions. When someone watches liquid over time, an interesting thing begins to happen. The liquid will slowly start to disappear. The formal term for the liquid disappearing is evaporation. According to Asminov, Liquids are a state of matter that will take the shape of the container that is holding it (Asminov, 2008). There are three common states of matter. These states of matter are liquid, solid and gas. To transform a liquid into a gas you would typically apply heat, however, liquids will also become a gas over time. This process is called evaporation. Evaporation is defined by Gorin as the “conversion of a liquid substance into the gaseous state” (2008). Gorin continues by explaining that liquids can evaporate at room temperature as well as when they are heated. This knowledge led the writer to wonder if liquids evaporate at different rates. After observing liquids evaporate I began to wonder what affects the evaporation of liquids.

Comment [m1]: Create a Title Page with this information

Comment [m2]: Write background information here. Include all key words and any research you did to better understand your topic. Include the definitions of any important words that you needed to know in order to design the experiment.

Research question
Comment [m3]: Exactly from research plan.

The research question that this project focused on was: What liquid will evaporate the fastest, Kool-Aid, Coke, Apple Juice, or Orange Juice?



Comment [m4]: IF Then Format

The hypothesis of the researcher is: If the rate of evaporation is related to the thickness of the liquid then the thinner liquids, Kool-Aid and apple juice will evaporate faster than the thicker liquids, orange juice and Coca-Cola.

Experimental design: Materials Needed:
[pic] 30 mL Orange Juice [pic] 30 mL Apple Juice [pic] 30 mL Coca-Cola [pic] 30 mL Kool-Aid

[pic] measuring cup with mL markings [pic] kitchen timer [pic] digital camera [pic] 4 identical cups [pic] Sharpie [pic] Masking tape

[pic] Metric ruler
Comment [m5]: Exactly from research plan. Include Materials, about, plan and schedule. Make sure that you define your independent, dependant and controlled variables. Comment [M6]: Be thorough – Make sure that you have listed ALL the materials that you will need to complete your experiment. Include measurements – USE THE METRIC SYSTEM – no inch, ounce, pint, etc. . .

About the experiment:
This experiment is designed to test and compare the evaporation rate of four different types of liquid. The independent variable of this experiment is the liquid being Comment [M7]: Give a BRIEF description of the experiment. This should be in paragraph form. Make sure that you include the Independent and Dependant Variables, as well as the controls for your experiment.

used. The liquids being used in this experiment are Kool-Aid, Coca-Cola, Orange Juice and Apple Juice. The dependant variable is the rate of evaporation. The experiment will measure the rate that each liquid evaporates. The controls for this experiment are the Comment [M8]: Independent Variable – what is changed.

Comment [M9]: Dependant Variable – what changes as a result of the changed independent variable.

location of the cups of liquid, the amount of liquid in each cup, the cup used and the...
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