Notes on Daphnia Experiment

Topics: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Understanding Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: October 28, 2012
This is the reason for doing the experiment. It may contain a research question, but it must state what it is that we are investigating or what we hope to find out.

This is the basis behind your plan which leads you to believe that the experiment can be successfully carried out. It may also contain a prediction of the final answer (supported by a reason)

This is what was actually done or is going to be done. It may need a diagram, in which case it should be drawn using a ruler and pencil and it must be labelled. It should be set out so that someone else can easily understand the process.

The diagram should be drawn in two dimensions and the apparatus should always be shown assembled.

The method should be reproducible. i.e. it should be written so that anyone else could repeat the experiment EXACTLY as you have done it. You should ask yourself this question when checking your work.

There are two aspects to the results:

Data recording
Data processing
Data recording

This is where we record ALL of the readings and measurements taken in the course of the experiment. All observations should also be recorded here. The results should be presented in such a way as they are easily read and understood, this may be a table.

Data processing
The results should also be "treated" in this section, which means any calculations or graphs etc. All working must be clearly explained and set out.

The final answer should be presented carefully and due consideration given to errors.

The results should be explained here and the aim answered. You must state what you found out in the investigation and look for general principles and patterns.

This is where you critically appraise the experiment.

Was it satisfactory for the stated aim or were there weaknesses? Could the experiment be improved to avoid the weaknesses?
Where did errors come in?
If you were to do it again would you do...
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