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Preventing Muscle Cramps Caused By Dehydration
John Doe
April 18, 2011
John Deere

Preventing Muscle Cramps Caused By Dehydration
Muscles cramps and spasms can be annoying. If the body is not taking in enough daily fluids it can cause major health issues in a short amount of time. Fluids as well as other contributing factors such as age, has a large influence on muscles. People can often suffer from muscle weakness and cramping from dehydration. Exercising can also reduce the body’s hydration levels that can create fatigue in the muscles. If not properly hydrated muscles can feel discomfort when trying to contract for movement. These are just some of the symptoms caused by dehydration. One must provide enough fluids each day to ensure muscles can function properly and prevent muscle fatigue. Daily issue of Muscle Cramps

As humans grow older the muscles are more prone to cramps, spasms, stiffness, aches, and pains. Without proper hydration muscles can stiffen when they are stationary for along time. The following examples reference situations which ones muscles can stiffen and possibly cramp up. Kneeling on the floor for a while playing with the dog, muscles can start to feel pain and are hard to move when attempting to stand up. On long car rides where movement is limited because of the space within the seat muscles can become stiff and soar. Another example, sitting at and using a computer for a long time researching and writing lengthy college essays can cause muscles to stiffen and cramp. Researching Solutions for Dehydration

Finding solutions on the subject of dehydration several medical profession journals and athletic health articles were used. These journals and articles gave clues to explain some of the signs and symptoms of dehydration as well as suggesting several possible solutions to reduce or reverse dehydration. Muscles need oxygen for energy. Blood provides the muscles with the oxygen needed...
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