Muscle Contractions

Topics: Muscle contraction, Striated muscle, Muscular system Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: December 19, 2011
Muscle Contractions
By: Evan

Contractions, put simply, are the basic action of any muscle. A contraction is a change in a muscle by which it becomes thickened and shortened after the brain sends signals to nerve cells telling them do contract a specific muscle or muscles. Surprisingly, a contraction is a complex human action and reaction, yet it is such a breeze to understand the basic meaning of the word. Throughout this essay I will give you extensive details about the process of muscle contractions and the parts of the human anatomy that make the whole thing possible. You’d be surprised about all of the work that goes into a process that takes milliseconds to conceive the end result, a muscle contraction.

One day, after Jimi finished a long day at work in the office, he stopped at the gym close to his house just like every other Wednesday night. Jimi’s favorite workout was the vertical bench press machine; so of course, he went to it first just after signing in. But before he started to pump some iron, Jimi remembered to stretch first, so he didn’t pull any muscles. First, he grabbed some lightweight dumbbells and curled them to warm his muscles up; this prevents tearing of the muscle. Next, he was able to do cross body arm stretches and some behind the head arm stretches by bending one arm behind his head and using the other hand to lightly push down on the elbow. Finally, Jimi was able to get to the bench press and lift at a heavier weight than normal, thus causing him to build up his guns. The muscles Jimi used during this exercise were all primarily skeletal muscles, also known as striated muscles. Skeletal muscles are exactly what they sound like, muscles that are connected to bones and are responsible for the rotation of bones around joints, moving the eyes, and serve as valves to check the blood flow. Ultimately, it is responsible for movement. You know when you’re using your skeletal muscles because these are the muscles that you can see and...
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