Hsc2002 Provide Support with Mobility

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Providing Support with Mobility
What Does Mobility Mean?
Mobility means, having the ability to move freely around ones environment. What Different Health Conditions Can Affect And Be Affected By Mobility? There are many health conditions that can affect an individual’s, such as well known ones such as a visual impairment, arthritis and on to others such as: Fibromyalgia – This condition causes individuals to have aching muscles all over often leaving them in quite a lot of pain, and many fatigued by the simplest of movements. Cerebral Palsy – This condition can effect and individuals posture, movement and co-ordination. However there are also health conditions that can be affected by mobility such as respiratory and cardiac problems which can be severely affected by a person’s mobility. How Can Reduced Mobility Affect An Individual’s Well Being? Reduced mobility can affect a individuals well being in many ways such as, Physical- Lack of physical activity in older individuals can lead to, loss of muscle mass, loss of bone density and increase in body fat. This can result in many negative health outcomes for the individual e.g. not being able to get fresh food, Medical care required this situation has the potential to end in a premature death. Mental - Restricted mobility can result in isolation and loss of social ties, this can lead to depression and again have serious effects on an individuals health. Ultimately reduced mobility can have very dangerous and negative affect on a individual if the situation isn’t addressed in the correct manner for the benefit of the individual. What Are The Benefits Of Maintaining And Improving Mobility? There are many benefits of maintaining and improving an individual’s mobility such as: Remaining Fit- Decreases the likelihood of obesity and improves an individual’s chances as staying healthy. Limits Dependence- The individual is able to go about normal day activities without having to rely on others helping improve and individuals self-confidence. Psychological- The individual is able to experience their normal social life, reducing isolation of the individual further reducing the risk of any health problems or depression. Freedom- the individual if able to have the right to do as they with not have to depend or ask for many of the things they will need, and they are free to have fun. HSC2014

Support Individuals to Eat and Drink
What Do You Do If An Individual Chooses Food And Drink They Have Been Advised Not To Eat? Individuals my refuse, be reluctant or even choose foods/drinks they have been advised not to eat due to a health problem/allergy such as diabetes. When situations like this occur it can be difficult because the individual has the right to freedom of choice. Therefore is an individual is determined to ignore their suggested medical advice, this should be recorded and reported to your supervisor/manager as soon as possible as they may have to contact the individuals GP. Ultimately you have little control over a individuals choices and decisions however you do have the duty to inform and explain to the individual their dietary requirements and repeat when needed in an effort to try and persuade the individual. However in a situation where in the individual is not mentally able and may be detained under the mental health act. In that situation you are required to be in guardianship to that individual and have a reasonability to that persons health, therefore a great deal of tact and understanding is needed to deal with that situation and it is still important to record and report all difficulties relating to a individuals diet to you supervisor/manager. What Factors Can Help Promote An Individual’s Comfort Dignity And Enjoyment When Eating And Drinking? Providing an individual with an enjoyable environment to consume their meals is just as important as providing them with a well balanced and healthy diet. You need to ensure that the environment...
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