Research Strategies for High Blood Pressure

Topics: Hypertension, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Research Strategies for High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure or Hypertension effects more than 900 million people world wide (Hajjar, Kotchen, & Kotchen, 2006). This disease can affect both men and women alike and can develop at various ages. Many Americans suffer from high blood pressure and many do not know they even have this disease. High blood pressure puts an individual at risk of stroke, heart attack, and death. The purpose of this paper is to describe a research strategy toward finding a solution for the researcher’s high blood pressure. In determining the research strategies I found that there are many Internet pages and references to review. Many articles were also available within other reference e-books in the school library, and as part of journals and magazines. In reviewing many of these findings, it became clear that there is some specific information that needs to be gathered to help with solving this problem. One web page listed two main sets of risk factors to consider, factors a person can control and factors a person cannot control. Some of the elements to consider for the risk factors a person cannot control were easy to determine. Age and race were easy and self explanatory whereas family history requires looking back at family members and discussing with them of any history of high blood pressure. Controllable risk factors open a whole new world for determining the researchers strategy. Obesity, salt intake, alcohol consumption, physical activity, and stress factor in at different levels (, 2008). Some other factors to take into consideration include are older age, genetics, and smoking. Levels of each controllable factor should be documented and evaluated to determine a course of action. Increasing or decreasing specific factors and reevaluating the blood pressure level over will help in reducing the risks. While developing this research strategy, it was noted that many of the resources reviewed had numerous...
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