Research Resourses on Lesson Planning and Curriculum Design

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On lesson planning and curriculum design

Carter R & Nunan D eds. (2001 reprinted 2004) The Cambridge Guide to Teacher English to Speakers of Other Languages This contains a whole series of articles that link to planning, the use of skills and different student groups Harmer, J (2010) The Practice of English Language Teaching (4th Edition) (Longman. ) This is a standard title for pre-service teacher courses in the UK and abroad. Focus on Part 7 for a treatment of Language Skills and on Chapter 4 section B for a discussion of how students influence methodology. Larsen-Freeman, D (2000) Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching (Oxford) A good summary of different methodologies – useful as a supplement in this assignment rather than a core text Nunan D (1988) Syllabus Design (Oxford)

Although quite old now this is still a standard work for syllabus design and reasons for choices. Scrivener J (2011) Learning Teaching (3rd Edition) Macmillan The competitor to Harmer in the battle for the best pre-service course book. Look at chapters 4, 6, 9 and 10 Thornbury and Watkins (2007) The CELTA Course (Macmillan)

There are both trainee and teacher parts to this. It offers some of the basic principles of lesson planning, design and skills work. Woodward T (2001) (2004 6th ed) Planning Lessons and Courses: Designing Sequences of Work for the Language Classroom (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)

On Specific Purposes
These titles may be of interest, but the principles of different groups of students will be covered in some of the books above.

Belcher D (2010) English for Specific Puposes (Michigan Press) Dudley-Evans T (1998) Developments in English for Specific Purposes (Cambridge) Hutchinson T and Waters A (1987) English for Specific Purposes (Cambridge) Old but an industry standard reference in this field. Jordan R R (1997) English for Academic Purposes (Cambridge) A comprehensive treatment of the challenges of EAP. Chapter 4 gives...
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