Research Proposal

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Research Proposal
Research Proposal
Lillian Wilson-King
Western International University
RES 600 Graduate Research Methods
Professor Mary Anne Moore
November 14, 2010
Table of Contents
Research Problem 3
Research Questions 5
Importance and Benefits of the Research 9
Research Objectives 9
Research Design 10
Data Collection Methodology 10
Summary/ Conclusion 12
References 13
The research proposal will focus on the implementation of change, the management problem and the specific reasons why employee resists change. Therefore, the research proposal provides theoretical support of this research proposal and shows the academic explanation and principles for investigating the problem. In addition, the proposal identifies the intention of the research and emphasizes the essential research questions to be considered as part of this research, discussing the academic reasons for and against the research topic. The research proposal will discuss the research method that will used to collect data. In addition, the research study will research the problem and describe the research design. In addition, several appendixes the writer has composed a survey and survey letter for the completion of the Change Management Project which will investigate present and summarize facts about why employees resist change. Research Problem

The organizational issue that I will identify is management problem of implementation of resistance to change. The primary research question would be “What are the Causes of Resistance to Change within an organization?” I believe the best type of applied research would be a descriptive and explanatory study. The reason for the descriptive study would be to discover answers to my research questions. Therefore, the reason for the explanatory study would be to explain what the descriptive study observed and reasons. Implementing organizational improvements can be difficult when employees are resistance to change. Therefore, resistance to change occurs when employees are comfortable with their job and duties and are afraid of the unknown. In addition, an individuals lack of knowledge about the change. The key to an organizations success implementing change is effective communication skills. I believe effective communication skills among management and employees provides every one with the progress of changes, provide the employees the opportunity to share their needs and concerns. The variables for my research question would be independent, dependent and moderating. ▪ Independent Variable: Resistance to Change

▪ Dependent Variable: Organization
▪ Moderating Variable: Men versus Women
Research Questions
As emphasized in the research proposal there are several theories associated to why individuals resist change from an organizational perspective it is essential to effectively manage this issue. Therefore, the change management project intention is to understand individuals’ attitudes to change and the reasons of resistance to change. The following key research questions are recommended as a focus purpose for the development of specified questions to answer this problem: 1. What effect has change had on employees within the organization? An organization should understand the importance and the impact of change management on employees and how this might effect them, cited by Sherman and Garland, (2007, p52) Zander, (1950) stated that “resistance to change can create strong emotional responses when the change is not made clear to those affected by it. Change efforts are open to a wide variety of interpretations especially if they ignore established group norms or institutions, or those affected by the change have not participated in developing it”. Sherman and Garland, (2007, p52) Zander, (1950) This project will provide analytical data on how frontline staff experience change and what is important to them. Nelson, (2005, p55) suggests that we need to consider the softer Human Resource...
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