Research Proposal

Topics: Waste management, Recycling, Geographic information system Pages: 9 (2322 words) Published: March 31, 2013
A Web-Based GIS: Area Selection System for Waste Disposal in Agusan Del Norte

Presented to
The Faculty of the Information Technology Department
College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT)

Caraga State University
Ampayon, Butuan City

Michelle B. Caingles
Sharine B. Batausa

Chapter I


1.1Background of the study
Waste management is a global environmental issue which concerns about a very significant problem in today’s world. Solid waste is the term used to describe non-liquid waste materials arising from domestic, trade, commercial, agricultural, industrial activities and from public services. ‘One of the threats to global environmental health is solid waste generation. Land filling is now accepted as the most widely used method for addressing this problem in all countries of the world. However, appropriate site selection for land filling is a problem in waste management and therefore needs to be addressed’, (Yahaya 2010). Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) is an ‘important entry point for integrated urban management support (Schubeler 1996)’. It refers to the collection, transfer, treatment, recycling and disposal of solid waste in urban centers (Schubeler 1996). The primary objective of waste management is to give adequate protection to the general public and environment from harmful effects of waste (Yahaya 2010). Municipal solid waste management is a problem that is experienced by all countries in the world. It is an issue mostly witnessed in urban areas as a result of high surge in population growth rate and increase in per capita income thus posing a danger to environmental quality and human health (Javaheri 2006). Because of its nature, it has remained one of the major environmental problems man continues to face (Yahaya 2010).Using GIS it could be faster and easier to identify and select a new suitable area for solid waste disposal. Geographical Information System (GIS) can be used as a decision support tool for planning waste management. GIS, as the work is carried in layers, there are least chances of confusion or error and the system is capable enough to coordinate between spatial and non spatial data.  There are several areas where the municipal bodies are striving hard to provide best of their services for the betterment of the city. This can be achieved with the help of GIS which can handle different data forms like spatial as well attribute data simultaneously. It can also help manipulate data in the computer to simulate alternatives and to take the most effective decisions. This paper shows such alternatives by using GIS techniques to identify appropriate areas suitable for waste disposal at Agusan Del Norte. It provides a selection of environmentally friendly disposal sites, thus supplying reasonable convenient and administratively transparent solutions to the waste disposal problem.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The cities and municipalities of Agusan Del Norte in the present time need to have an area for solid waste disposal which is far from the community, and some problems were noticed as follows:

* There is a difficulty in identifying and selecting suitable areas for solid waste disposal in the cities and municipalities of Agusan Del Norte. * There is a possibility that some part of Agusan Del Norte have not yet been surveyed for a possible solid waste disposal space. * There is a need of an automated map for faster identification and easier selection of suitable areas.

1.3 Objectives
Upon observation on the problem stated above, the researchers have come up to the following objectives that could be the solution to the problem. Here are those:

* To identify and select a suitable areas for solid waste disposal in the province of Agusan del Norte using GIS. * To survey the areas of Agusan Del Norte for possible suitable space for solid waste disposal. * To automate the map for the identification and...
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