Research Proposal

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Research Proposal
Sociology 111
Professor Townsend
5 September 2012

Subject: Proposal

Dear professor Townsend,
I am very much thankful for the guidelines you provided us on blackboard. I have chooses the topic “Media’s influence on society (negative or positive)” the reason I choose this topic is the rapid development of media. I want to find out whether people respond positively or negatively to the information spread to them through media. I am looking forward to your acceptance so that I may continue with my research.

Yours Sincerely;

Nargis Zahir

Since the 20th century the media is growing rapid. We are exposed to all kinds of information; from local to world news, commercials, movies...etc. People are becoming more familiar with their surroundings.

The reason for this research is find out if the media is playing a positive role or negative on society.

The primary reason of this research is to find out media’s influence on society.
Secondary objective will be to check:
* If media impact the way people think?
* How the media influences individuals?
* Is media always true?
* Does the information we get through media affect the way we live our lives?

The first part of the questionnaire is for the introduction of the respondent it includes: name, age, gander, and occupation. First two questions are the makeup questions, the purpose to get the respondent toward the topic, then the third and fourth questions are to check the biasness whether he/she is in favor of media or not. Then the fifth question covers the primary objective” media’s influence on society”. The other four questions will cover the secondary objectives.
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