Identity and Belonging

Topics: Change, Advertising, Better Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: March 10, 2013
“Identity and Belonging” Persuasive Response Society constantly tries to change your sense of self.
Society never stops to change as we adapt to new belongings in our society. As new belongings are being brought to society, we intend to become familiar with new possessions and equipment we have and change our sense of self. These new possessions and equipment such as: technology, advertisements and media. Not only do belongings change our sense of self, but our stereotypes towards other people change us. Some people may not realize that society is changing us but, it is helping us understand more of what is out there. Technology has greatly changed our character, being it has improved our social life and made thing easier for ourselves. In Unpolished Gem, Alice’s parents didn’t have the technology in their own country, but when her parents moved to Australia, they came a across a street light and had no idea what it was. After understand what it was, they feel much safer because they didn’t have to wait for cars to run by, but instead press a button. With technology, we have things known as ‘Facebook’, which help us come in contact with our friends every day. It allows people to make events without needing to see each other in person. However, our technology becomes better and more efficient, because of this new change, people start to become less active and energetic. Back in the day, people without technology wouldn’t stay home and set back doing nothing, they would had to go outside and become active as it was the only thing they had. Now in modern times, people seat back in their chairs in front of their computers and T.Vs. Technology constantly improves following society and because of society; it changes our sense of self. The media provides information about our surroundings and has the power to change our thoughts. Many of the information that the media provides us may sometimes be positives and sometimes be...
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