Research Paper: Zeitoun

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Zeitoun Research Project
The world we live in, is one of selfishness, anger, and ignorance. Ignorance; this seems to have been the largest problem of all. According to Stephen Prothero (2010), “the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released the first nationwide survey of American religious knowledge.” As he stated the country failed, having averaged 50% of the questions correct on the survey, however; “non-believers” (atheists and agnostics) were ahead having averaged 66% correct on the same (Prothero). The Fact of the matter is, that America as a whole is ignorant and bias. Students should be required to learn about world religions; once they reach a certain age however.

Hopefully the results of this survey will get through to someone, so that we do not raise yet another generation, with such a profound religious illiteracy rate, that is oblivious to other cultures. By implementing some sort of world culture class or a form of religious education aside from church, future generations would be more likely to have better international relations; and be more accepting of other religious standpoints and cultures. Educating the next generation while their still young would allow them to be more open minded about different cultures and religious views; instead of growing up ignorant in a close minded society.

When the devastating act of September 11th occurred, there were many Muslim families that were accused of being a part of the act because of their religion. In the article about teaching religion in elementary schools, teachers talked about how it was their job to discuss race, religion and many other things in schools (Ayers). If religion was taught in schools to children, then when it came down to traumatic events such as 9/11, people would understand that just because someone is a certain skin color or religion, they are not bad. Also, if religion was a part of a childs life, it may make it much easier for them to accept others around them that may...
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