Describe and Explain the Role of the Early Years Practitioner in Supporting Children’s Moral and Spiritual Development.

Topics: Education, School, Religion Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Child care workers have a big role in supporting children's moral and spiritual development as they are professionals they also play a part in being a role model to the children which links into their moral and spiritual development. Spiritual and moral development for a child is about the mental attitude of the child over moral matters. It’s important that the children develops their moral and spiritual as it can teach them to respect others and teach them the difference between what is right to do and what is wrong to do, practitioners can help children to do this. Education on social and moral responsibility is about children learning appropriate attitude and behavior of themselves and towards others. Spiritual and moral development also helps the children to deal with challenging experiences, e.g. a death of a loved one, practitioners would support the child and family with this. Early years setting’s children would teach the children about Religious Studies which would teach the children about spirituality and morality. By raising awareness of different religions and faiths it would give the children a better understanding of who they are, this would give the children a sense of security and confidence. Its important for a child to understand who they are as it would give them the opportunity to make decisions for themselves in their own life - these decisions would include what they want to wear, what they look for in a friend etc... Not only would teaching Religious Studies get the child to understand who they are and give them a sense of security and confidence it would also reduce stereotypes and labeling and to challenge discrimination when they are aware of it as they would be taught about different cultures and religion. This would also get the children to understand their feelings and would help them to recognize how others are feeling and also their achievements. By getting the children to develop spirituality and morality it would encourage good...
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