Human Religions 130 Week 9 Capstone Checkpoint Grade a

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  • Published : June 6, 2012
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Capstone Checkpoint

Hum 130

Capstone Checkpoint
The world religion class was quite a learning experience. Learning about all of the different religions was truly fascinating. Reading about how everyone worship, who they worship and what rituals are practiced was very influential. It is easy to see how important religion is to people all over the world. Everyone it seems believes in something other than themselves. People everywhere feel as though they are connected to a higher authority. Nonetheless world religion influences can have an impact on a person view of life. It gives one understanding about the differences in religion. One learns to accept the differences and appreciate others cultural beliefs. Personally it opens up another way to view religion. Although the religions are diverse, one can still learn something from each religion. Learning about the different religions, gives one insight on the rituals that are practiced the world over. However it is important to learn about others beliefs and attitudes. There are so many different people and it is fascinating watching them practice their rituals. In the United States there are numerous religious groups. If people take the time to learn from one another it can help reduce unwarranted fears. Most people fear other people because they don’t understand them. Fear produces hate and one way to stop the spread of hatred is to get to know one another.
If people take the time to learn about one another they will soon find out they are not that different. After all human is just that, human. Learning about others beliefs and attitudes broadens ones perception of life. It forces one to see the world in a different way, than what one has been taught. Knowing how others feel about religion is a good thing. Learning to accept the differences is the hardest part. With “pluralism and the interfaith movement Fisher, 2005” perhaps one day in the near future...
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