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Topics: Cold War, Russia, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Bella Reynolds
April 9, 2013
Section 400
Assignment 3

The Long Telegram by George Kennan is Kennan telling us his concerns about the Soviet Unions and ways for the US to be a better country and government than the USSR. He also is telling us in the telegram of ways he thinks that we can cope with the Soviet Union. Kennan goes over many economic and political concerns with the Soviet Union.

The Novikov Telegram is Novikov saying statements in the telegram about how the US is no longer following policy’s among the Big Three, but chooses to erode the unity of these countries, and all the things and actions that the US is taking to do so.

The overall opinion of Soviet Russia by George Kennan in the Long Telegram is not hate towards them, but more as if he strongly disfavors the ways of Soviet Russia. You can tell he feels this way because he doesn’t express hate in this telegram, he just makes “certain observations of a more encouraging nature” of ways to not have any conflict with the Soviet. The overall opinion of the United States in the Novikov Telegram by Novikov is hostility towards the United States. I think one of the best statements in the telegram that shows this is when Novikov states “Careful note should be taken of the fact that the preparation by the United State for a future is being conducted with the prospect of war against the Soviet Union, which in the eyes of the American imperialists is the main obstacle in the path of the United States to world domination.”

I feel that George Kennan’s primary concern with the Soviet Union is that the US has to make sure there isn’t success with the Soviet power. With Novikov I believe that his primary concern for the United States is that the US wants to erode the unity among the Big Three countries.

After reading both of these telegrams, I feel that the United States is a lot more hostile and more willing to go to war than the United States. In The Novikov Telegram, Novikov states: “The...
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