Russian-American Relations

Topics: United States, World War II, Cold War Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Name: Maslenyy, Nikita
Date: February 20, 2013
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Are Russia and the United States Friends?

Is Russia an American ally? This question would not be so important if these two countries did not play the major role in the world course for at least last 50 years. Both Russia and America are the two great countries that today many economical and geopolitical events depend on them. In addition to that, they have the strongest armies, and both have the largest number of nuclear weapon, which can turn our planet into dust. Beside these factors, Russia and the United States have the biggest reserves of energy resources and water supplies that are so valuable in the twenty first century. That is why it so significant to understand and see a clear picture of relations of these two “players” on the world stage. Let’s take a look. In the history of Russia and the United States both countries have a very unique and interesting relationships, different from relations with other countries. Despite the fact that the U.S is relatively young country, it has a rich background, and Russia has its own chapter in the American history. In 1904 Russia was in the war with Japanese Empire for the influence in Korea and China. A Year later in 1905, Russia had the first close contact with the United States. At that time Japan could not afford to continue a war with Russians, as a result Japanese had to ask the US become a meditator in the negotiations with Russia. On August 9th 1905 Russia and Japan signed a peace treaty in Portsmouth with the help of American president Theodore Roosevelt. The next important part in the Russian-American relations was associated with World War II. In the 1940 Hitler began an occupation of European countries in order to rebuild Germany and retrieve a power that was lost in WWI. Despite the world criticism Hitler continued to follow his plan, and the World War II was born. This war made...
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