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  • Published : September 20, 2011
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Even though MySpace was created to keep friends in touch with each other there has been many situations where it has been used in other ways. There are privacy settings for profiles but many people do not use them, which allows anyone to view the users personal information. The user is not supposed to upload nude pictures onto their profile but it can happen. The only way that anyone can get nude picture off a profile is to report it but if it is not reported then they can stay on there. Stalkers can get on MySpace and just by looking at a profile they can find out where the person lives, where they go to school, what they like or dislike, and they can also read comments sent to friends, which can tell what they are going to do and where they will be. Many users of MySpace add people they do not even know just because they want to have more friends or because the picture on the profile was of a hot guy or girl. People can also make fake profiles. They can use fake information and pictures to get back at someone or to stalk someone. So users never really know if the person they are talking to is real or fake. The three main types of cyber bullying is sexual, stalking, and suicide. Sexual Crimes have gone through the roof due to MySpace. In Fontana, California a group of boys created a profile posing as a 15-year-old girl for a prank. This prank helped police arrest a 48-year-old man who tried to get this girl to meet him for sex. The boys were just trying to cheer up their friend who had just broke up with his girlfriend. The man began to send messages to the girl, which ended up turning very sexual. He even started sending pictures of himself to the girl and arranged to meet her at a local park. The boys decided to go to the park and when the man arrived they called police. The man was later held at the West Valley Detention Center on $105,000 bail ( Two men were arrested for sexually assaulting two teenage girls they had met on...
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