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February 13, 2011
Cyber Bullying
When social networking websites were created in the 20th century they were used as a way for people to “stay connected and share with friends”, and they provided others with “a place for friends”. Pre-teens and young adults were drawn to these websites and they began to use these sites to communicate with each other. As the popularity of the social networks increased so did privacy issues. The online article “Why we’ll never Escape Facebook” James Cowan states, “Facebook changes privacy policies at whim, makes it difficult to control personal information and hoards users' data.” Because of some of the recent changes in the privacy settings some of the sites users are becoming the victims of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is affecting many school aged children and it is the responsibility of school administrators to ensure that the technology within the school is not being used for cyber bullying.

School board administrators are responsible for ensuring that students have a healthy and safe learning environment. If administrators do not make sure that student’s basic needs are being met they are basically contributing to the unfair treatment of children who are enrolled in their particular school. School boards who are seeing a constant increase in the amount of cyber bullying have implemented programs that are in place to educate students on ways to prevent cyber bullying. These particular programs also educate students about the dangers and the consequences of cyber bullying. Other possible solutions to solving this problem would be to limit access to the technology that can be used in schools and to create a school environment that makes children feel comfortable expressing their problems. The main solution to this problem depends on administrators. School board administrators should not allow social networking sites in the academic setting even if teachers do feel that they are a good educational tool.

In today’s society technology plays a major role in the lives of adolescences. The use of technology and cyber bullying are two closely related variables because as the amount of technology available to children increases so does the amount of cyber bullying. Children have become so accustomed to having technology around them that they are beginning to use it in negative ways. In the article “H8 at skul Cyber World Bullying” the author Connie Goddard states, “Cyberbullying is taking humiliation to a freighting new level” (8). Students who are bullying others find ways to do so in and out of school. Cyberbullying is a way for them to indirectly say terrible things about others and feel that it is justified because they have a right to freedom of speech. Some may think that adolescences who are cyber bullies are those who feel like they are outcast, or left out of social groups, but in most cases of bullying that is incorrect. In the article “Information Disclosure and control on Facebook”, through research the authors Emily Christofides, Amy Muise, and Serge Desmarais found that “For young adults, the need to be apart of their social group and the need for popularity are key elements in their lives, Hence, it should not be surprising that young adults report that having a presence on sites such as Facebook connects them to a social network, and being visible within a social network is perceived to be an important aspect of popularity” (342). Goddard the author of “H8 at skul Cyber World Bullying” agrees with the Christofides, Muise, and Desmarais, stating that “Cyberbullies tend to be the members of the “in crowd,” rather than the socially maladjusted, as previously thought”(8). Many school board officials feel that Cyberbullying is out of their hands because in most cases it happens outside of the school setting. Although that may be correct school board officials can limit the amount of technology that they provide and allow students access to during the course of the day. They...
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