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Research on Biscuit Industry

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Research on Biscuit Industry

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7009IBA - Research Paper
(25%, 1500 words – excluding references, tables and diagrams)

Central theme: Module 1 - Opportunity identification and selection Topic area: Australian Retail Grocery Industry
Category: Savoury Biscuits

The focus of the report is to explore opportunities for new products within the given topic and category areas relating to external mandates discussed in module 1 including but not limited to: quality studies; customer needs; competitive threat/s and regulation. Please note: If you are unsure of the task – read the first three chapters of your text book and seek further reading on this important first step in new product management.

* As per the course outline, I/we have checked this report using the Safe Assign draft copy * and submitted the final copy for scanning through Safe Assign for the lecturer.

Content and discussion (15 marks) * Background * Clear ideas, effectively communicated * Accurate analysis of appropriate resources from research papers (recent, reliable and relevant) * Demonstrated understanding of the opportunity selection domain including key external mandates under investigation | | Introduction and conclusion (5 marks) * Clearly articulated ‘value added’ aspect through information provided * Conclusion were easily understood and linked to the appropriate contents in the report| | Paper structure and layout (5 marks) * Including content based references, use of Harvard referencing style, proper spelling, grammar and overall presentation of research paper.| | MINUS: Late penalty and under/over word limit | |

Total Mark| /25|

Assessment 1

Opportunity identification and selection of Australian Retail Grocery Industry Category: Savoury Biscuits

1)Introduction…………….............................................3 2)Background: Australian retail grocery industry …..6...

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