Research on Bbm as a Means of Communication Tool

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Research on BBM as a Means of Communication Tool

Name:Achmad Reiza Arfani
Matric ID:122909510

Nowadays, many people uses Blackberry and its application Blackberry Messenger. According to the press release, from RIM (Research In Motion), the manufacturer of Blackberry, during DEVCON 2010, RIM at that point had 28 million users on BBM. We can assume that the number have already gotten higher now. What is Blackberry Messenger (BBM)? In general, BBM is a proprietary Internet-based instant messenger application include on Blackberry (BB) devices that allows messaging between BB users. Why BBM? Some people will say it is easier to communicate with their relatives. Some will say because all my friends have used it. It means that, besides the easiness the BBM promote, influences of other people will determine whether they will choose BBM in BB or not. It is happened because, though the users of BBM is very much, to use it we need people around us to use BB and BBM too. It is rather difficult because besides BB, there is no other smartphone who support BBM. How can people communicate with each other using BBM? Firstly, of course you must have a Blackberry, and you have to add your friends contact by adding their PIN, e-mail, or scanning the barcode. Why do they love to use BBM? Well, the answers will be varied among persons. Some will say it is because BBM is cheaper. To send message from BBM, we only have to use the internet service in BB by using Blackberry Internet Package which provided by the sim card provider. Or we can use the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) if there is any. It really is cheaper if we compare it with SMS which uses credit to send message. Other people will say message which uses BBM will be sent faster and we can know whether the receiver have read it or not. The other reason is BBM does not limit number of characters in a message like SMS does with a limit of 160 characters. BBM as a service...
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