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Research Awareness for Healthcare Professionals
Summative Assignment

This report discusses the task of searching for a piece of literature based on the theme of ‘Respect and Dignity’. This is an important topic for all healthcare professionals such as nurses and midwives, doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to be aware of, as service users have a right and an expectation to be treated with respect and dignity at all times when accessing healthcare. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement states that dignity in care should involve “…offering a genuinely personal service; flexibility in where or when the care is provided; a service that considers the right to privacy of people receiving care; and the encouragement of independence and self-esteem”. I believe that treating patients with respect and dignity in a healthcare setting should ensure that freedom of choice is maintained, that patients feel in control of their care, that their views, wishes and individual preferences are acknowledged and fulfilled, that the patient is communicated with effectively in order to provide complete knowledge of a plan of health care and that full consent is given at every stage of a patient’s care.

The literature search was commenced by working in a small team with 4 other nursing and midwifery students in order to identify relevant and important themes within the ‘Respect and Dignity’ topic. We each contributed to a discussion and the themes that we identified together included: privacy, communication, independence, human rights, delivery of care, confidentiality and choices. Our group then identified ‘communication’ as our chosen theme within the topic, as I believe that in order to show respect and maintain dignity, good communication is of utmost importance. I then focussed on a specific theme within ‘communication’ that I believed would be relevant to my chosen branch of study of children’s nursing. I finally narrowed my specific search focus to literature relating to children, their experiences of receiving healthcare and how healthcare professionals communicate with them. As a paediatric nursing student I believe this to be a complex, interesting and challenging subject which is relevant to my current learning. I decided to focus on the experiences of children as I feel it is important that – like adults - children have a ‘voice’ and a right to request a healthcare provision that meets their individual needs, I believe therefore that healthcare practitioners would be required to communicate in an appropriate manner to reflect this. I also thought about communication with older children - adolescents of around ages 15 to 18 years – and the issue that children of this age are generally mature enough to be given more detailed information of their health conditions and that communication would also acknowledge that service users of this age may desire more choices and input into the provision of their own care.

I commenced my initial search by utilising the university online resources. From the resources menu I accessed the ‘summon’ search facility, then entered the search term of ‘adolescent communication’.  This initial search produced 101,168 results.  I then proceeded to refine this search by doing the following: I limited the media to be only articles from scholarly publications and refined by content type to ‘journal article’ in order to obtain results from credible sources.  I refined the search by publication date of 2008 to present to ensure the literature was up-to-date.  I refined by language to only English.  Then refined by subject terms by selecting the words ‘adolescents’, ‘teenagers’, ‘care and treatment’, ‘communication’ and ‘nursing’ in order to try to find literature relevant to my requirements.  After all of these refinements the search produced 4231 results.  This was still far too many results and I felt that the results differed widely in subject and place of origin and...
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