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Topics: Gender, Racism, Sociology Pages: 13 (4122 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Lucy Annang, Phd, Mph, Donna L. Richter, Edd, Faahb, Faith E. Fletcher, Ma, Megan A. Weis, Mph, Pearl R. Fernandes, Phd, And Louis A. Clary, Bs Diversifying the Academic Public Health Workforce: Strategies to Extend the Discourse about Limited Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Public Health Academy Abstract: while public health has gained increased attention and placement on the national health agenda, little progress has been made in achieving a critical mass of underrepresented minority (urm) academicians in the public health workforce. In 2008, a telephone-based qualitative assessment was conducted with urm faculty of schools of public health to discuss this issue. As a result, we present successful strategies that institutional leaders can employ to extend the discourse about addressing limited diversity in the public health academy. Liz Ballinger & Jeannie Wright

‘Does Class Count?’ Social Class and Counseling
Abstract: this article explores the importance attached to social class by experienced practitioners taking part in a co-operative inquiry group. A review of the literature from the last thirty years indicates that there is very little research on class in relation to counseling and psychotherapy reported in the UK. Both authors position themselves as coming from working class origins. Nine co-researchers from both middle and working class origins joined the group. Eight meetings took place over a period of nine months. Extracts from the group’s discussions are represented and integrated with ‘presentational knowing’ drawn from contemporary culture, including poetry and popular music. This study suggests that social class is a neglected aspect of diversity in the counseling field. Implications of the study have relevance for the language of counseling and psychotherapy and class based values; social class and its impact on initial education; and ongoing counseling practice and access to therapy for working class people.

Sandra K. Bowen & Harvey A. Rude

Assessment and Students with Disabilities:
Issues and Challenges with Educational Reform

Abstract: the no child left behind (nclb) act seeks to correct achievement gaps that are most prevalent among students in specific subgroups including those with disabilities, linguistic and cultural diversity, and representing economic disadvantage. The reauthorization of federal special education legislation through the individuals with disabilities education improvement act (ideia) has moved to align the accountability for learners with disabilities with the guiding principles of nclb. This paper examines the challenges of adequately assessing these learners in a manner that preserves the individualized nature of educational supports and services while focusing on the desired learning and results that are expected by education policy through accountability mandates. In this lens of increased scrutiny for results accountability, the issues of eligibility for services, summary of performance, and transition services are analyzed and aligned with these policy expectations with particular consideration given to rural impact. The emerging focus on early intervening services and assessing learners identified as at risk for school failure promotes practices that are aligned with academic and behavioral success for all learners. A summary of recommendations is provided on assessment related factors for rural school teachers and administrators.

Liqun Cao

Visible Minorities and Confidence in the Police

Abstract: few studies have been conducted about differential public perceptions of the police in Canada. Based on the 2004 general social survey of Canada, this article examines the impact of belonging to the category visible minorities on citizens’ confidence in the police. Consistent with the theoretical prediction, results of multivariate analyses show that members of visible minorities had lower levels of confidence than non–members of visible...
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