Greek/Student Athlete Alcohol Consumption

Topics: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Alcohol abuse Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Stakeholder Analysis Essay
My inquiry question concerns heavy drinking within Greek life and student athletes. These are the two most at risk social groups in college. Both have an ingrained history of heavy alcohol use and have been known to frequently abuse alcohol. Student athletes and Greek life pride themselves for being leaders, upholding their personal integrity, and academic scholarship. But also they have been known for drinking for the purpose to get drunk, also known as “binge drinking”. The two groups live completely different lifestyles and have different drinking patterns, so who drinks more? Both being the most “at risk” groups is there one that drinks more and is there any factors that contribute to this? Based on different perspectives, you may get different answers, reasoning, and risk management strategies that are or should be implemented for safer environments. Based on a student athlete’s perspective, a member of a fraternity or sorority would drink much more heavily than someone competing in NCAA competitions every weekend. Their belief is such because there is much more opportunity to partake in drinking activities. Many studies have been done, such as one by Yusko and his colleagues that was published in the Journal of College American Health, to show that “during the week consumption is typically similar to that of a non-athlete non-Greek student.” However on a typical weekend a student athlete may binge drink the entire weeks’ worth of alcohol in one night, and then some. This can even out frequency of drinking of one group with a lower quantity with quantity of beverages consumed by another group less frequently. Due to this a Greek life member would be inclined to argue that athletes drink just as much as sorority and fraternity members. Yusko’s study contributed the unique factors of their environment such as “heightened stress, time constraints, social environments, and an increased physical demand” playing a role in how alcohol...
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