Inclusive Practice Promotes Equality and Supports Diversity

Topics: Discrimination, Health care, Health care provider Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: October 2, 2012
A successful and reliable health care sector requires the promotion of diversity and equality throughout its setup. The fundamental need for this is the ability of the health care workers to promote an unwavering sense of fairness and indiscrimination for all persons involved; patients, employees, and colleagues. Inclusion refers to providing the opportunity to everyone to avail all available resources, services and facilities. Acceptance is one of the vital traits of any person who is working in the health care sector. Workers who realize the need for understanding, comprehending and respecting the needs of all patients, regardless of their diverse nature and background will be the most effective ones. Valuing the beliefs of others and keeping a wide ranging and accepting perception will aid considerably in the promotion of impartiality and equality. A community which is based on the fair rights of humanity realizes that consciousness, self esteem, culture and physical and mental health are interrelated. In order to provide a balance in society the health care sector must be free of all prejudice and discriminatory practices. The most important factor in developing inclusive practices is to provide the necessary training to all health care and support workers. A good care worker will be ingrained with the value of accepting, accommodating and respecting the diversity of all patients /clients, thus providing an enriched level of care. All the people in a community are to be provided with a uniform level of facilities and opportunities. This can only be achieved when the care providers are equipped with the right tools; namely equality and inclusion.
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