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Technical Scientific and Business English

1. What is research?
Research is the continuous discovery and exploration of the unknown. It entails an Investigation of new facts leading to the discovery of new ideas, new methods or improvements. Research is always an attempt to widen one’s outlook on life. It always proceeds to the known to the unknown. Its end product is the discovery of the truth. It depends of course to his/her field. Research is a systematic study or investigation of something for the purpose of answering questions posed by the researcher. 2. What are the types of Research?

Action research is a methodology that combines action and research to examine specific questions, issues or phenomena through observation and reflection, and deliberate intervention to improve practice. Applied research is research undertaken to solve practical problems rather than to acquire knowledge for knowledge sake. Basic research is experimental and theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge without looking for long-term benefits other than the advancement of knowledge. Clinical trials are research studies undertaken to determine better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose or treat diseases. Epidemiological research is concerned with the description of health and welfare in populations through the collection of data related to health and the frequency, distribution and determinants of disease in populations, with the aim of improving health. Evaluation research is research conducted to measure the effectiveness or performance of a program, concept or campaign in achieving its objectives. Literature review is a critical examination, summarization, interpretation or evaluation of existing literature in order to establish current knowledge on a subject. Qualitative research is research undertaken to gain insights concerning attitudes, beliefs, motivations and behaviors of individuals to explore a social or human problem and include methods such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, observation research and case studies. Quantitative research is research concerned with the measurement of attitudes, behaviors and perceptions and includes interviewing methods such as telephone, intercept and door-to-door interviews as well as self-completion methods such as mail outs and online surveys. Service or program monitoring and evaluation  involves collecting and analyzing a range of processes and outcome data in order to assess the performance of a service or program and to determine if the intended or expected results have been achieved.

3. What are the characteristics of a good researcher?
The characteristic of a good researcher is a person who has an inquisitive mind, one who is not satisfied until he/she has achieved his/her goal. Characteristics of a good researcher also are exploring, analyzing, conceptualizing social life and human behavior in order to “extend, correct or verify knowledge, whether that knowledge aids in the construction of a theory or in the practice of an art”, intelligent, curios, quick thinker, commitment to the task or research, excellent in written and verbal communication skills, sympathetic, and systematic. 4. How to formulate a research problem?

A. Specify the Research Objectives
A clear statement of objectives will help you develop effective research. It will help the decision makers evaluate your project. It’s critical that you have manageable objectives. (Two or three clear goals will help to keep your research project focused and relevant.)

B. Review the Environment or Context of the Problem
As a marketing researcher; you must work closely with your team. This will help you determine whether the findings of your project will produce enough information to be worth the cost. In order to do this, you have to identify the environmental variables that will affect the research project. C. Explore the Nature of the Problem

Research problems range from simple to...
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