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Complete the following 2 exercises

1.Provide the CPT-4 code for the Respiratory System.

A.Patient underwent bilateral diagnostic nasal endoscopy. The physician inserted an endoscope into the left nostril to evaluate nasal structures. The right nostril was also examined. ------------------------Answer: 31231-50

B.Patient presents with a six- month history of hoarseness. The physician performs a laryngoscopy. The patient is prepped in the usual fashion. A fiberoptic laryngoscope is passed; the vocal cords are examined under direct visualization. Slight swelling is noted. A biopsy sample is taken to be sent to pathology. Answer: 31535

C.A 45- year- old female nonsmoker has had a cough for the last six months. With the patient placed under intravenous sedation, a bronchoscope was passed in the patient’s oral cavity. Primary structures of upper area visualized and found to be normal. The transbronchial area was examined. A biopsy sample was taken of the lobe. The patient had minimal blood loss. The bronchoscope was then removed, and the patient returned to the outpatient area in satisfactory condition. Answer: 31628

D.A 2-year old patient presents to the office with a marble in his nose, per the mother. Using nasal forceps, the marble is removed. Answer: 30300
E.A 5- year- old patient had a cleft lip repair done at three months of age. Now the patient has a nasal deformity that requires repair. The physician makes intranasal incisions and pulls back skin from nasal bone tip. The bone is shaved and lengthened at the tip. The area is irrigated, and nasal packing is placed. The patient has little blood loss. Answer: 30460

2.Provide the CPT-4 code for the Digestive System

A.A patient presented with a lesion of the lip; due to the patient’s history of smoking, it was determined to remove the lesion and send it to analysis to rule out carcinoma. After adequate anesthesia, a wedge incision was done of the...
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