Reproductive Health Bill: the Key to the Country’s Struggle to Sustainable Development

Topics: Reproductive health, Birth control, Family planning Pages: 4 (1296 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Reproductive Health Bill: The Key to the Country’s Struggle to Sustainable Development Proposition Statement:  RH Bill would be a beneficial law to the country. It will further implement the population control of our country, strengthen the health of the people, specifically, the women, and educate the citizens, especially the teenagers, regarding sexuality, responsible family planning, maternal care and such.

Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012, commonly known as Reproductive Health Bill, provides access to responsible family planning methods such as contraceptives, birth control pills, IUDs and other related family planning devices. It also strengthens the over-all health of the countrymen, especially women, with the widespread distribution of the said devices. Furthermore, it provides education concerning sexuality, population limitation and responsible parenthood. With the third and final reading of this bill, it had been recently passed into law last December 17, 2012. Thirteen senators and one-hundred thirty three congressmen voted in accordance to the said bill.

This law had always been a controversial issue in our county. Endless debates, divided into pros and antis, were disseminated among the region. Pros argued that nonstop births due to lack of education concerning sexual and reproductive health and family planning causes people to put their health and future at stake. In addition, they have deficient income which causes the family not to receive their basic needs which are education, food, shelter and full support for their futures. This overpopulation will in turn be a hindrance to the country’s progression. On the other side, continuous opposition of the antis, led by Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, regarding immorality of the alleged law contradicts their religious beliefs. According to them, this law allows pre-marital sex before marriage with the prevention of pregnancy. This corrupts the morality...
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