Rh Bill: a Pro

Topics: Family planning, Abortion, Birth control Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: May 28, 2013
RH Bill: A Pro for Future’s Generation

Our country has been through a lot of issues such as Hello Garci, ZTE Deal, C5-Extension. And now, as we face one of the country’s biggest controversial issues that is seriously seeking for attention and the most talked about, the Reproductive Health Bill also known as the RH Bill.

When we say RH Bill, it is a Philippine Bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. And proposing this bill has contradictions against critics particularly to the Roman Catholic Churches in our country because according to the church leaders, it is against God’s lawful acts for they labeled the RH Bill as anti-life that indirectly promotes abortion through the use of contraceptives.

Now, coming from a youth and student’s opinion pertaining to this issue, I stand for a “YES” to RH Bill because I found several reasons to support it. One of these is, it is pro-quality life and not anti-life as claimed by the critics. As a matter of fact, it will ensure that children will be blessings to their parents since their births are planned and wanted so there would be no more reason for abortion to happen. In that sense, it is not only pro-life but also pro-women because it helps couples to plan and space their children. With this, it will not only strengthen the family-tie, but it will support more likely a fewer children to have more opportunities to be educated, healthy and productive individual.

Another concern is that the bill doesn’t authorize abortion and will not give permission to make it legal. In our country, it is criminal, illegal and punishable to abort. Moreover, contraceptives do not cause abortion instead it is made to prevent ovulation. If there’s no egg being released, how can there be an abortion? It also prevents the sperm from reaching the egg. And if fertilization is avoided, so how can there be a fetus to abort. As I make a research about this, there was a recent...
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